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  • Our company focuses on servicing customer’s brokers, mainly decorating the given products, but also to meet the customer’s expectations currently we also offer our own products for a low price.

    Our success is a result of long experience and cooperation with importers.

    The priority of our company has always been high quality and order implementation time while maintaining the lowest possible price adequate to the quality. Thanks to the large machinery park we can compete with any European company.


    The average order implementation time: 3-5 days

    The number of offered services: 17

    The number of available products: approx. 20, 000


    The average order implementation time is 3 days!

  • Service:

    • Embroidery (direct embroidery, embroidered appliqué, embroidered patch, decorative embroidery
    • 3D embroidery, etc.)
    • Screen printing (plastisol ink, water paint, effect paints – over a dozen of different effects)
    • Transfers (done by Haftra or sent to the customer on foil)
    • Flock
    • Flex
    • Reflective decorations (transferred with heat press machine, sewn on, 3M, etc)
    • Subliflock
    • Emblems (embroidered and edge-stitched)
    • Special appliqué/patch (matt and glossy)
    • Plotter and Offset Sublimation
    • DTG on light and dark fabric
    • Satin Inserts
    • Sports clothes and accessories
    • Sewing services
    • Elastomer
    • Neck Straps
    • Jacquard
    • Full-colour towels
  • Goods:

    • All fabrics and advertising gadgets available on market.
    • Towels imported from Turkey, decorated in full colour (personalized) at our company according to the customer’s project.
    • Sports clothes and accessories – sewn and personalized
    • Reflective accessories imported by our company

    Below you can see the products which we can offer for a wholesale price:

    Shirts, T-shirts, polo shirts, long-sleeved shirts, sports clothes, reflective vests, caps, cotton hats, balaclavas, tank tops, dungarees, towels, bathrobes, rugs, gloves, aprons, jackets, raincoats, polyamide coats, sports bags, wristbands, flags, shawls, neck straps, pendants, pendrives and other advertising gadgets. And everything with your logo for the best price in Poland!